Thursday, February 16, 2017

Dumb Ways to Die

I needed to go to Union Station today to refill my transit card. I signed up for a pilot program last year that lets you load money on a card that you just swipe past a reader at train stations. (It works for buses, too.) The only drawback is that you can't refill the card online yet, so I have to make the trek to Union Station every month or so. But it's not that far from where I work, and I can play Pokémon along the way.

And I enjoy the safety signs in the bus terminal underneath the station, where the transit office is.

This campaign was borrowed from an Australian train safety campaign, which included a really cute music video:

They should play the video on a loop in the station. It would give people more context for some of the images.

Then on my way home from work tonight I noticed this ad plastered (ahem) on the car I'd just disembarked from:

Not as cute, but definitely appealing!

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