Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Alley find

As I was saying the other day (in commenting on Breezy's blog), I sometimes find interesting stuff in the alley. That little table in the upstairs hallway, for example. And the wine rack in my cellar.

Tonight I got home from work about 10:30, and as I pulled into the alley, I saw a really fluffy cat. "Wow, that's a really fluffy cat," I thought. Only it wasn't a cat. It was this:
I pulled into my garage and hopped out, and he'd actually come over already, so when I squatted down, he was all "Hi! Can you pick me up please?"

No collar, no tags, no tattoo that I can discern. Not a puppy. Can't tell if the eye-cloudiness in the flash is indicative of old age, teeth look OK, not very worn down, but not very white either. Coat's good, a little matted. More important, this little guy is picky about treats and disdains kibble, so clearly he's not been lost long. I imagine he must live nearby, but I've never seen him before. Might be one of those never-gets-walked house dogs.

I left him in my house (he seems well-behaved and hasn't barked once) and walked around the block with Sophie to see if anyone was out yelling for him. No luck. It's about 20 degrees out and starting to snow.

I left a message with the Dumb Friends League. I guess I'll drop him off there in the morning.

Sophie's not terribly thrilled, but she'll deal.


  1. Oh dear. I hope he finds his family. At least he was warm last night.

  2. Aw Kitt, you're a good soul. And yes, at least he was warm and sheltered. Let us know what happens with him, OK? He's pretty cute for a poofy little thing.