Monday, January 14, 2008

Curtains: What if ...?

So the upstairs hallway has this small, low window that needs a covering. I was going to do a simple pleated sheer stretched between two rods in the window itself.
But then I was folding up the curtains from the former Undersea Room, and it occurred to me .... hmmm, maybe these would work up there.

Without someone handy to hold the curtains up for me, I had the brainstorm to haul out a sectional clothes rack I had stashed in the garage. I wanted to see how the curtains would look hung high, thus giving the illusion of a larger window.
What do you think? The blues and greens in the curtain tie in with the blue-green walls and the green chair, and I could make a valance out of the excess material. I'd still need a sheer, but it could be a hanging one.

Really, tell me what you think!


  1. Definite yes; that rod high up makes the awkward (sorry!) little squat window look taller. Good idea.

  2. Very clever.. love the colours and the gorgeous green chair..looks like a cosy little nook :O)

  3. LOVE your 50ft telephone cord!

    and of course the curtains!

    Hey, need your address again!

  4. Thanks for the feedback!

    It is an awkward window. I think with a valance low enough to cover the wall, it the curtains will look just fine.

    Gotta have a long cord, Jaden! Did I win something? Woohoo! I'll email you!