Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Edamole: A super snack for the Super Bowl

Tami at Running With Tweezers turned me on to this easy and unusual alternative to guacamole made with edamame, the boiled soybeans you often see served in their pods with a sprinkling of salt at Japanese restaurants. Happily, edamame are so mainstream these days that you can get them frozen, shelled or unshelled, in most grocery stores. Costco even sells them in boxes of individual bowls you can nuke for a snack.

I decided to do a test batch today to see if I liked it enough to take to a Super Bowl party on Sunday. Conveniently, I had some of those Costco bowls, and one produced just over the 3/4 cup of shelled beans the recipe calls for. (Shelling took about three minutes after I nuked 'em).

I had all the other ingredients on hand, too: lemon juice (from lemons I'd juiced earlier in the year and frozen in ice cube trays), garlic, olive oil, salt and sriracha sauce.

I thought I might be making this where a food processor would not be available, so I used a food mill instead. Kids, don't try this at home; you really do need a food processor. (And I was told, yes, there will be one available, so I hauled mine out after making a Foley holy mess.)
Here's the result, and I have to say, it's really good. I had to up the lemon juice a little, and I think it needs more sriracha. It could also be jazzed up with diced tomatoes, maybe some minced shallots, a sprinkling of cilantro ... you could put a spoonful of sour cream in if you wanted it creamier.

I took it to work and the handful of cow-orkers who got to try it (there wasn't enough for everyone) all agreed it was a success.

I suggest tripling or quadrupling the recipe.



  1. i love to see when other folks make a recipe from my blog...especially when its met with success :)

    i love this dip, too...and i can really amp up the heat or embellish it with other ingredients. its very versatile but simple.

    im glad you enjoyed it! :)

  2. Thanks for the recipe, Tami! It really is an easy and tasty one.

  3. Do your cow-orkers know that you call them cow-orkers? :) :) :)

  4. I really love the idea of using edamame instead of avocado, what a great idea. I must try this asap! Edamame are one of my favourite ingredients.

  5. It really is yummy. You have to process it quite a bit to get it as smooth as guac, but the taste is quite nice.