Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Hall shelves completed

Here's what the upstairs hallway looked like before. There was one little set of built-in shelves on the half-wall at the top of the stairwell. The picture on the left is looking out from the Safari Room. The view on the right is looking out the bedroom door.
And here are the completed shelves!
I've still got about 20 crates of fiction in the garage. I will have to do some heavy culling to get them in this space. They're boxed alphabetically, so I'll just go through each crate in the garage and bring them up an armload at a time.

Here's another sloppily stitched panorama, so you can see the layout better:

I love my green chair, another ancestral hand-me-down. I found the table in the alley and will either paint or refinish it. I need some sheer curtains for the window, too. Just simple ones, stretched between two rods top and bottom.
I have a bunch of smaller pieces of art that I need to get framed. That's Mom's wedding photo, and I have two of her pastels on the other walls you can't see.

And that's it for the bookshelves! The next project you'll see is the Undersea Room, which has now been partially painted and beadboarded. It will likely be finished tomorrow or the next day.


  1. These shelves are truly giving me palpitations. They are incredible!! Where are you NOT going to have shelves? In the bathroom?

  2. That's it for the built-in shelves. None in the living room, dining room or bathrooms! The bedrooms have free-standing bookcases.

  3. This looks like a great spot for reading...