Sunday, January 06, 2008

Kitchen shelves completed


I uploaded this picture full size, so you cookbook voyeurs can click on it and scan the titles. (Might still be a little blurry, but mostly legible.)

The crates you see in the dining room are the foodie memoirs and other food-related books that will have to live somewhere else. As you can see, I had just enough room for all my cookbooks alone.


  1. That is the best picture ever! (OK, for me) I just posted a very blurry photo of no more than two total shelves of collected cook books from the last twenty years and now I am 1. in awe and 2. inspired to give my cookbooks a little more space.

  2. And I just opened the photo so I could read the spines --- You Have My Books!!! That is just the coolest thing to recognize connectivity like that.

  3. That's great! I suspect that a lot of folks who love to cook have accumulated many of the same favorites. Joy, Bittman, Moosewood, Silver Palate ...

    I need to take French Laundry to bed with me soon and decide what I'm going to try from that, based on all of Carol's endeavors.

    (Yes, I like to read cookbooks before I go to sleep. Makes for sweet dreams!)