Thursday, January 17, 2008

Stock Show parade photos

For 2009 Stock Show Parade photos, Click Here.

The parade starts with a herd of Longhorns and a passel of cowboys to keep 'em moving in the right direction. (Click the photo to see it much bigger)
Never tell a Longhorn he looks like a Holstein unless there's a cowboy between you and him.
If you get close enough to passing traffic, the horses give you a look like, "Whatcha doin'?" Buses never do that.
Buses just aren't all that elegant, compared to this:
Then there's this, which is more odd than elegant, but interesting nonetheless:
Remember the dragon horse? Here's his (her?) tail:
The cowboys sure are cute:
And the horses well-trained. This is a drill team; they did some pretty amazing maneuvers:
Here's another conveyance one doesn't see much commuting downtown:
If it went a little faster, I'd love to drive this harvester at rush hour. "Get out of my way!"
The parade grand marshal was a figure we all think of when we think of rodeos and stuff: Nolan Ryan. That's him up next to the driver.
The last entry in the parade always gets applause:
I'll probably go to the Stock Show tomorrow, and again next week. So much fun!

For 2009 Stock Show Parade photos, Click Here.


  1. Hubbo and I have built a few parade floats for the Pageant Parade of the Rockies. One year, we suggested to the city that they add pink snouts, ears, and tails to the street sweepers and ReAlly include them in the parade. The manager didn't think that was dignified enough for city equipment. What a poop! Snort! Some people have no imagination or humor. ;Dani

  2. What's the Pageant Parade of the Rockies? I've never heard of it. Piggy sweepers is a brilliant idea. I have a lot more respect for people and institutions that can make fun of themselves.