Sunday, January 13, 2008

Pickled carrots and green beans: Tangy!

I love a nice pickle, especially pickled things other than cukes. Pickled asparagus? Absolutely. Pickled okra? Divine.

I've made refrigerator pickles, but it just never occurred to me that you could use other vegetables. Obviously I wasn't thinking very hard. But Deb at Smitten Kitchen was. When I saw her post yesterday, I knew I'd be shopping at Wild Oats today for carrots and dill seeds.
I love me some green beans, too, so I thought I'd toss some into the mix. The recipe is simple. (Look at Deb's recipe for the exact measurements.) I added a pinch of red pepper flakes, too, and doubled the brine because I had so many veggies.
It's really very simple. You cut up your vegetables and you boil up your brine, then pour one over the other and let it sit until cool. Then let it sit some more in the fridge, preferably for a few days, if you can wait that long.
I'm not sure I'll be able to!

You might want to have a jar of pickled something to nosh on in the meantime, since this will make your kitchen redolent with tanginess – tangy-ness? – and make you a little crazy. But in a good way.


  1. I love good pickled everything. One of the cookbooks on my "to buy" list is The Joy of Pickling whose author I can't recall now, alas. I just got a bucket of vegetable seeds today.... 319 packets of heirloom vegetables, so I suspect I'll be doing a bit of pickling this year! Mercy!


  2. Thank you for your enthusiasm. I am a VIRGIN PICKLER but now after reading your posts I am going to start making the most of my veggie plot overspill in my quest to be a bit more Domesday-preapred. Carrots and beans, here we go!