Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sweet streets

This has been a great weekend for car-spotting, something I do that makes my long walks with Sophie more interesting. I send the good ones in to, and sometimes they get posted there. Friday started with this AMC Matador, of "Repo Man" fame:
Followed shortly by this 1960 Cadillac. Check out those fins!
Yesterday I lucked into this Corvair, beautifully restored. Unsafe at any speed, but awfully good-looking sitting still:
Finally, today this Maserati pulled up just as I was walking by. It's a mid-to-late-60s Mistral Spyder, I'm told. Drooooooooool:
Ninety-nine percent of the cars I see are booooring. But that 1 percent is out there, and I've got my eyes open!


  1. Oh, sweet! I love me some muscle cars -- my ex hand a '70 Nova for a long time, and it was a thing of beauty. I'm seeing fewer and fewer nice vintage cars around the NY area -- I guess it's cold enough here and close enough to the coast that all except the best-maintained are slowly falling victim to road salt. No idea. But good car sightings have really fallen off in the past five years.

    I'm still waiting to get my hands on my '67 Checker Marathon, or else the '68 El Camino. Either would be fine.

  2. El Caminos I see a lot of. Checkers, not at all, though I suspect they may be more common on the East Coast.

    The weather here is not kind to cars, less the salt than the fierce sun, which will fade paint and upholstery and destroy soft tops. The nicest cars are garaged most of the time, like that Corvair, which was only on the street temporarily. And certainly the Maserati.

    Me, I'm happy with the Outback and its ability to navigate in the snow and carry all my stuff.