Thursday, January 24, 2008

Forensic footprints

My backyard is full of bones. And every single one has a spray of little footprints around it. Not from the dog, who has removed every molecule of marrow-y goodness she can, but from flickers. Those long pointy beaks are good bone-cleaners.

I wonder why, as birds who get most of their sustenance from bugs, they don't fly south. How many bugs can there be when it's 10 degrees out?

It's interesting that they will seek out the bones in the yard, but I never see them working on road kill. Why is a cow bone OK but dead squirrel not?

Conversely, why do I not have crows mobbing my yard? (And thank goodness I don't.)


  1. Never heard of a flicker before. What a handsome bird

  2. They're a kind of woodpecker, exceedingly common here, but entertaining to watch. Except when they decide that your house merits drilling.

    In spring, they also like to drum on metal roof vents to broadcast their prowess to potential mates and foes.