Saturday, January 12, 2008

Guest room (a.k.a Mom's room) completed

Here it is before, as The Undersea Room:

And after!
The photos don't match up exactly on the angles from which they were shot because the "before" ones were taken right before I moved in, seven months ago. (Has it really been that long?)

Now this room needs art, too. No worries; I've still got plenty. Curtains are another story.


  1. That's a pretty and very restful room. I love the way you put the swath of color at the top of the walls.

  2. That came out really nicely, Kitt. I hope your mom isn't the only guest who gets to stay there...

  3. Yeah, I want to come visit.

    I don't know how hold your camera is, but mine has a "stitch" option, where you get what you're trying to achieve in Photoshop. I only tried it once, but it's cool.

  4. Thanks! You all are welcome to stay, except when Mom's here.

    Leah, no such feature on my camera (which is at least a couple of years old). It's fun mucking about with Photoshop (I just got it), but I'm not going to get too obsessive about it. Or I would've hauled out the big tripod and done it right.

    Next camera! But not until this one dies.

  5. Oh, isn't that lovely! Nice job.