Friday, January 04, 2008

Good things come to those who wait

Sophie stands patiently outside the door as we pick up sandwiches. Then we took her to the dog park (no pics, sorry) for a long walk in the melting snow and now she's out back with a bone. Sophie has learned that patience can be well-rewarded.


  1. Good girl, Sophie!! Could you teach patience to Kobie and Tess??

    Kitt - thanks for your comments on my bread. And for the recipe for No Knead. I did find the recipe published for the one I'm experimenting with - posted it a few minutes ago. I linked to your No Knead post - hope that's okay! (well, I'm thinking it probably is since you linked in the comment section!!)

  2. Hi, just found you through Kris's bread post!
    I enjoyed reading bits of your blog. We have just got a new pup and it's a long road ahead in the training department!! Digging holes in my garden and stalking the chooks!! I'll be back again soon to read more and look at your bread recipe :O)

  3. (uneasy laugh)
    Happy late New year!
    (I know I'm late. Latino timing.)

    Sophie seems so well trained - our dog won't stay from around a corner!

    Speaking of bread, I'm trying to convince my Mother to let me try the 'no-knead bread' sometime soon. It looks so good! (I've had other bread experiences which didn't turn out so well, which is pretty much why [apart from the usual jamming in of tasks at the beginning of the year) I haven't tried yet.

    Have a great day!

  4. Thanks for the link, Kris!

    Sophie's old enough that she's gotten most of her badness out of her system, and she's learned after nearly 13 years with me that her patience will eventually be rewarded. Kobie and Tess may get there eventually!

    Gina, thanks for visiting! I see you got a kelpie. Too cute! They are smart dogs; a little training and you'll be set! Well once you're past the teenage phase.

    Happy New Year, to you, too, Euphreana! Try the bread; your mom will be amazed.