Saturday, March 08, 2008

Lunch at Gurkhas in Boulder

Yesterday we had Indian buffet at Gurkhas in Boulder (or technically, Gunbarrel, northeast of town). Nice selection of flavors, chicken curry, saag paneer, samosas, etc., served from a buffet that was clean, well-stocked and not full of stuff that had been congealing for hours.

I would've taken notes on what I got, but we were too busy chatting. The service was friendly and efficient, and our mugs of chai were refilled promptly (always nice!).

If you're in Boulder and looking for a good lunch, this would be a place to try. (It's in the place formerly occupied by Rangoli, which was seized for back taxes.)

Gurkhas Restaurant
6565 Gunpark Dr. #190
Boulder, CO 80301
Phone: 303-530-1551


  1. O.M.G! Rangoli is gone?! I had two terrible experiences there. Not with the food but the attitude. I never went back although I yearned for my fix of idli-sambar. And more so now as I don't have a good enough blender to grind the batter.

    The name Gurkhas suggests that it has been taken over by folks from Nepal.

    Have you tried Tibet's in Louisville? It's on McCaslin. We really like it esp the atmosphere. Apparently it is owned by ex-employees of Sherpas in Boulder. Apparently they have a lunch buffet but I avoid buffets as I find the food very blah.

  2. Jessy, I definitely feel spoiled to have so many options.

    Manisha, hey! LTNS. The restaurant is supposedly Indian, Nepali and Tibetan. I have not been to Tibet's, no, but I'll keep it in mind.

    We ended up at Gurkhas because we were visiting someone who worked nearby. Most Boulder-area restaurants are beyond my ken.