Friday, March 28, 2008

Tried and true

I'm in the posting doldrums right now. Got a bunch of stuff keeping me busy but it's not really stuff to share with the world at large. So you get pictures of the dog. And candy. And spring flowers. Which are nice in their own way.

This daffodil is blooming in my yard right now. I can enjoy it through the window today, as we've gone back to the 30s and it's all cloudy. I used to laugh at people here who would complain about one or two cloudy days. Now I'm one of them.

And then there's the bread. Always with the bread, no matter the weather. The Nutella and the bread. Which in this case came together very nicely. We've got swirl, people!

We may not have sunshine but at least there's chocolate.


  1. That bread looks so good with those gooey nutella swirls!!

  2. I love daffodills. My bridesmaids carried them when my husband and I got married. And your bread looks delicious!

  3. I think you've perfected your 'nutella loaf'!! Looks superb :O)
    I can relate to your posting doldrums...but your daffodils, dog and bread are always welcome here! Gx

  4. You've got a colorful yard indeed! I wonder how the yard looks like when all flowers are blossoming. It must be really pretty.

    Your nutella bread looks so yummy...

  5. Thanks! It's so hard to come up with anything interesting sometimes.