Sunday, March 16, 2008

Spring proceeds

From my walk yesterday:
And you know what this means, don't you? Yes ... it's snowing again.


  1. We've already picked up a couple of inches. I had a nice excuse for not doing anything about the grass seeds I am supposed to sow.

    But the week ahead is supposed to be nice....

  2. At least you have the cold to grow crocus. That's hard to grow down here, as well as daffodils. Although recently, we've had some cold spells that helped our bulb plants.
    But you've go snow coming! Not we're jealous!

  3. I thought we would get more (maybe we will yet), but I didn't even have to shovel. It only stuck to the grass.

    That is one thing about snow, Manisha: It's a good excuse not to get stuff done!

    Diane, yesbut! You get to grow all the cool tropical stuff, like angel trumpets and citrus. The grass is always greener ... (certainly greener there).