Saturday, March 01, 2008

Spring teaser

All week we've been warming up and today it hit 75! And here's my first crocus spotting of the season. Not in my yard, alas, but I do have what looks like crocus foliage coming up, and tulip shoots, so there's hope yet.

I've spent the last two days doing yard cleanup, from dog leavings (poop and bones, oh joy) to dead leaves and stems. I did a pretty good job of this in the fall, but of course more leaves blew in and a lot of foliage died back further. It's best to get everything as cleared away as possible before new stuff starts filling in.

Did two walks today, too, and had to hose down an overdressed Sophie.

Lest you get too jealous, though, the high tomorrow is supposed to be 35, with 3 inches of snow forecast. Mother Nature is such a tease.


  1. Hi Lucy. Yes, promising, but oh so brief. We're back to winter again for a bit.