Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Poodle tchotchkes

A discussion came up recently with other poodle owners about poodle tchotchkes. Because, if you have a poodle, it's inevitable that you will have some other poodle stuff. In some cases a lot of poodle stuff.

You may remember my little rant about this. So I thought I'd take an inventory of my poodle collection.
You've seen the pin on the left before, my souvenir from the Alameda Antique Fair. The one on the right was a gift from my sweetie and lives on my suede jacket.
Two more gifts: A goofy little hanging ornament that verges on too cheesy for me. But! It's got Sophie's name on it, so I like it. And the requisite pink fuzzy poodle with magnets in the paws. It lives on the towel rack for now, and has also adorned a lamp pole and the fridge.
Another gift, cute and useful, the poodle ruler! (Seen previously in my pasta-making adventure.)

And finally, puchased for maybe too much money on eBay, but I have yet to see another like it (and I've looked):
Sophie says: "I never go anywhere without my Enid Collins box purse!"

And that's it except for a couple of Christmas ornaments: a pink metallic poodle and and an ornament from my childhood, featuring a black poodle in a basket that was "personalized" with the addition of several little tufts of black and cream yarn to represent my first poodle, Henrietta, and her puppies. I'd show them, too, but they're packed away.

What do you collect?


  1. Yarn. And books. And dust.

    Actually, for a while I collected tea cups....as though I were someday going to have a grand tea party. And I now occasionally indulge in a Zuni fetish, of which I have about ten. At least they are smaller than teacups!

  2. I have an extensive collection of cow things. Amusing because cows make me very nervous in real life. I've tried to express to my family and friends that I like useable cows (bowls, mugs, salt and pepper shakers, creamers, sugar dishes, etc.) but I have some figurines and Christmas tree ornaments and a big abstract crystal cow that's fairly ugly. You can see some in several of my blog photos.

    Your poodles are great! I'm a big fan of dogs in general, but poodles are so sweet.

  3. Teacups can make a very nice decorative display, and there are so many pretty ones. But I could see that getting way out of hand. Zuni fetishes are probably easier to dust, too.

    Mary, I've never let it be known that I collect poodle things (since I don't, except in the most random way), in part because I've seen what happens. Specifying that it has to be useful in some way probably helps a little.

  4. People who knew me in high school give me bats -- I went through a little Hunter S. Thompson-identified acidhead phase and was known for doing bats graffiti on everything.

    These days people often give me white dog with black spot stuff. Can't imagine why.

  5. what about pootchie stuff? i used to have a lot of pootchie stuff! that counts, eh?

  6. I don't collect anything I never have enough storage/display space I love your box purse though really cute

  7. Hi,

    I collect lots of things, Fenton glassware, Dollstones, colored glass cruets, Barbies.

    I have three live Standard Poodles that I've collected, Meg, Ed and Simon.

    I have a website all about Standard Poodles. Check it out!


  8. Sister Meg collects those Enid Collins handbags - the wood boxes only. She's up to like fifty....but she does not have that poodle one.

  9. I have some Blue Ridge pottery. Mostly I collect divination tools: tarot card decks, runes, a pendulum, etc.

  10. I can't say I've seen a lot of bat stuff out there, Lisa, except at Halloween. Probably a good thing you got over that.

    Pootchie stuff, pinknest? Like the '80s toy? (I had to look it up; I must've missed that one.) Do you still have it?

    You collect chickens, breezy!

    Hi, Sandy! I love your poodle collection. How's the new boy doing?

    DG, I've Googled all over the place and never seen this purse anywhere else. Can you ask Meg if she has? Surely it can't be the only one.

    Groovy, sound divine. ;-)

  11. I thought I collected little cow things, I got them from many places that we went to like Victoria Island, Switzerland, a small town in New Zealand and some were from my family members. But somehow, I have more miniature turtles than cows. I am not sure why, I must have like them too without realizing it. ???

    Kitt, you got a cute collection!

  12. how adorable! i have two maltipoos -- half poodle, half maltese! they are the sweetest ever, it must be their poodle sides. :-)

  13. Thanks, BlueSandals! I like the turtles with chocolate and pecans ;-)

    Katy, I met a very cute maltese the other day. They are such little balls of fluff!