Sunday, March 02, 2008

So much for crocuses

We're back to monochrome outside. Thank goodness for a little bit of color in!

Sophie doesn't mind the snow. She's probably relieved that her big shaggy coat is seasonally appropriate again. Besides, what's a little snow when there's a bone still containing some molecules of marrow?

Here's the view from the window seat. The snow must be coming up from the south for a change, to plaster the glass this way.
Originally 1-3 inches were forecast. Now they're saying 3-6, and it's a bit on the windy side. Sophie will enjoy her walk. Me, not so much.


  1. I blogged the snow today, as well!

    I stole your crocus photo. *ducks*


  2. There is a lot of snow near me too. I wish spring would come!

  3. It's amazing what a difference a few miles makes ... just a dusting of snow in Ft. Collins, and blustery wind. The dogs really would enjoy snow ...

  4. I am kinda hoping that snow is not headed my way. I can't believe you were at 75 - NICE!! That I could take! Looks like the dogs have been enjoying the dog park. Thanks for the warning on the bread dough - since my kids can't have any people food, Kobie is feeling very hungry - and he's a counter-jumper. I'll have to be sure my dough is out of reach. I LOVE your stained glass window - beautiful!

  5. Wow, so different in your part of the world.. love the snowy window shot and your stained glass window is jsut beautiful!! Keep warm :O)

  6. I think we're all ready for spring!

    I forgive you, Ms. Groovy. ;-)