Sunday, March 02, 2008

You may hate me for this

The basic no-knead dough recipe works just as well with sweet things as savory. Pull out a hunk, flatten it a bit, smear on a very generous application of Nutella and roll it up.

Bake at 450 covered for 15 minutes, then take the lid off and start checking it after another 5 minutes. You don't want it to burn. (Mine started to a little on one end.)
Here it is, sliced, after some cow-orker depredation. And appreciation. It's very yummy. I recommend serving it warm if at all possible.


  1. In fact, I love you for this. A no-knead dough + a generous application of Nutella = something totally gorgeous. AND suitable for the Denver/Boulder elevation. What more can an indifferent baker ask for! Thanks.

    Claire @

  2. holy...yes yes yes! i have been having the strangest sweet dough cravings lately. must. fulfill.

  3. Okay, I was able to resist the red peppers and gruyere, but a generous slathering of Nutella? This I will have to try ...

  4. Y'all will like this, I'm sure. Jaden, I can't claim queen; you're the one who got me to buy the damn stuff. Lady-in-waiting, maybe.

  5. Hello Kitt!

    Hate you?!?! For Nutella?! You went onto my "people to contact for a nutella fan club" list for this post!

    It tipped me over the edge for the no-knead bread, too.

    (Another nutella reference here:)

  6. That looks unbelievably good! I just finished the last of my nutella with a spoon though. oops. And I really think I need to try that no knead dough.

  7. Hi, Fourchette! That looks dangerous. Yes, put me on your fan club list, please.

    Try it, Mary. You'll like it. So very easy and good. (Now you have to buy more Nutella.)