Monday, March 31, 2008

Poor old cold poodle

Couldn't find the sweater I cut to fit her last fall, so I pulled out another. Pretty in pink?


  1. Pretty outstanding!!! Spring is here... I hope Sophie loves it!

  2. Perfect for the warm weather we are getting! All Sophie needs is a hat and sunglasses! Thanks for the post on my blog. Yes we do love blenders or anything that can blend (makes life interesting), we also have a site that sells blenders, food processors and mixers!

  3. This made me smile. I kind of picture myself looking a lot like that when I'm a few years further down the road... with a lot more grey, of course!

  4. does she like it or does she try to pull it off?

  5. Sophie will be much happier when the temperatures stop doing these wild swings. She's OK wearing the sweater and seems to recognize that it makes her warmer. But she's not really thrilled by it.

    I don't make her wear the sweater on our walks; just inside the house.

    A hat would tip her over the edge into smothering me in my sleep, I think, Christine.

    Kris, it really is like that. All those little old ladies wearing coats in the middle of summer, that will be us someday.