Wednesday, March 19, 2008

More butterflies

This is the last batch of butterfly photos. The Butterfly Pavilion has a constant supply from all over the world. Every day more emerge and are released to flutter around the conservatory.
Such as this newly hatched one, which obligingly posed for photos on a curator's sleeve.
Here's another, fanned out on a leaf. I'm sorry I didn't get their names. I'll call this one Bob.
Bob decided to move to another leaf, invoking the wrath of ... George? Well, I don't know if was wrath, but George seemed pretty agitated, furiously fluttering as close as he could get without making contact. Or maybe Bob is really Roberta and George was making moves on her. Who knows?
Then there was this one, who seemed quite feminine. I'll call her Lucy. Pretty girl!
Finally, a butterfly whose motto is "Leaf me alone!" I'll call her Greta. She had the most impressive camouflage of all.
I guess this is a good post for the first day of spring, which here in the Mountain time zone starts at 11:48 tonight.

Happy spring!


  1. These are gorgeous pics! I may have met Lucy's ancestor!

  2. She's elegant, isn't she?

    I'm glad we stopped in there that day. It's a fun little outing.