Monday, April 14, 2008

Check your work

Whew! The taxes are filed. Much later than I wanted. I thought I had them done more than a week ago. But there were a few little pieces of paper I needed to find. Somehow Friday snuck up on me. I sat down then to really finish.

And discovered I owed $48,000.

Did I just hear you say Holy Shit!? Or is that just my own voice, still echoing?

Well, obviously I'd screwed up somewhere. But it took me until today to figure out how and where. Turbo Tax online is very convenient in some ways, but not entirely transparent in others.

No, I do not owe $48,000. The government owes me.

I'll say it does.


  1. Yes you did hear me say that!!
    My goodness, that's a relief!! :O)

  2. So, what, now the government owes you $48,000? :-)

  3. Hehehehe. 48k!

    In addition to regular old tax-time, this year I'm also dealing with an inquiry about my 2006 return, where a misplaced decimal point (on the IRS end) has them thinking I made not $975 on a freelance job, but rather $97,500. It's harder to prove I didn't make that then I thought it would be.

  4. I think TurboTax owes you a little something just for mental cruelty.

  5. Yikes, dg! That's way worse. Hope you can get it straightened out.

    I wish I could blame Turbo Tax, but as is usually the case, it was operator error. And no, they don't owe me $48K, alas.

    I rolled my eyes, though, when it came time to pay to file. It's about $60 to pay federal and state taxes, which you can pay with a credit card, or you can tell TurboTax to take it out of whatever you might be getting back from the government. Except if you choose the latter option, that will cost you $30 more.

  6. It is always a relief to get them done. And a relief I suppose to figure out you don't owe 48K. I never liked Turbo Tax.

  7. AAAAAH HA HA HA HA HA HA HAaaaa....


    Yes, you made a mistake, lady. Glad you found it, and I'm glad it was in your favor.

    I owed, as I have since I started the business, and the guvmint ain't gettin' my munny until the last minute!

    Which *sigh*


  8. Good for you Kitt! Better than owing the government $48K.

  9. I think I would have had a heart attack and died.
    My husband and I realized that because he owns his own business and our anniversary is the 14th, he's always going to be paying the taxes and grumpy on our anniversary. How fun is that?

  10. Oh, not such good timing, Mary. Maybe you can declare the Saturday after Tax Day as your anniversary instead.

    Meresy, I actually like Turbo Tax, since it walks you through everything. But it can be hard to go back and find specific things sometimes.

    Groovy, I knew there was no way I could owe that much, but really, I should have done all this much earlier, instead of letting the gubmint hang onto my dough until the last minute.

    Blue, I would not have survived it!