Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Monsters around every corner

While I'm waiting for 300 photos to transfer (of which probably 10 will be worth posting), here are some examples of those monster duplexes I was talking about last week.
In a neighborhood of mostly Craftsman-style brick bungalows and Victorian cottages, they stand out like big fat tumors, filling their lots from edge to edge. Many of them are empty or half-empty. Each side averages around $600K. Still more are going up or are half-built, where the money was already in the pipeline. But I suspect the pace will slow with the market being so crummy.


  1. Holy cow, we'd call those town houses here, but who would want to pay 600K for 1/2 a building. Crazy!

  2. Oh! My! God!

    Have seen the same trend throught Southern California, though.


  3. Most of these have huge basements, too, so the square footage is usually 3,000+. Me, I'd rather have a nice yard for that kind of money.

  4. i hate those too!
    we just started looking and are hoping for a cute 3 bedroom bungalow in congress park, wash park, park hill, or maybe the highlands. i'd love love love a victorian or denver square but in our price range they often aren't in the best condition. which is okay only if the price is low enough for us to be able to afford the work.

  5. I drooled over Denver Squares when I was first house-hunting. I still kick myself for not getting a fabulously restored one on a double lot for $216K ... 12 years ago. But I couldn't afford that back then.