Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Snow, schmoe

We keep getting snow every few nights, but spring is bustin' out anyway.

The forsythia is blooming!

And some kind of fruit tree (crabapple, maybe?)

And yes, the inevitable:
First dandelion of the season. Happily not in my yard.


  1. Love forsynthia! We've been wanting to grow this for ages, but our weather is too warm . :(

  2. [whine]Last year this time, my trees were in bloom. This year, they are not even budding.[more whine] We get the snow you get but no flowers thus far. Except a few dandelions. And the fake daffodils that my neighbor across the street decided to stick in the middle of his yard.[end of whines]

  3. Fake daffs! They add curb appeal, you know. Manisha, you're not that far away. You should be getting blooms soon.

    The grass is always greener, and the forsythia yellower, Diane.

  4. Sophie will tell you that the French love dandelions... the greens are perfect for salads right now, and don't tell me you haven't harvested the blooms for dandelion jelly! You can also dig and dry the roots for a coffee substitute, which might come in handy with the cost of petroleum and when coffee starts costing $20 a pound. Dandelion brew is healthier, too. Gosh, I sound like some old witch doctor, don't I? LOL.

  5. You've sure got your dandelion uses covered, Dani! Salad, yes, coffee substitute, no. If it goes to $20 a pound, I'll still be buying my beans.

    Can't say I've ever even seen dandelion jelly. What's it taste like?