Monday, April 07, 2008

Far and near

(A few extra photos from Friday.)

From the top of a mountain you can see a long way. It's nice to have map to put a name to all you can see. (If you click the photo you can see it much larger.)
Breckenridge ski area is to the right above the map. It would take maybe 45 minutes to drive there.

The wind was really fierce up top when we arrived, though it settled down later.

In the afternoon, I traded snow and long views for 60 degrees and a close-up with a pasque flower (Pulsatilla). Pasque means Easter, which is about when this blooms. Except this year, when Easter came very very early.
The purple is pretty, and what makes it interesting is its exceptional hairiness.
There's something about hairy ...


  1. Wow looks like a beautiful mountain to ski down! Wow I wish they had something like that in Central New york!

  2. Central New York sure would look different if you did!