Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Dog in the dark

It was 80 today! Too hot on our early walk, but very pleasant at 10 p.m.

Tomorrow it's supposed to snow.


  1. Well, you wouldn't want your weather to be boring now, would you?

    I love the suspicious cat keeping an eye on the invader dog.

  2. like that makes me lightheaded. When it keeps switching from really hot to really cold my system can't take it. Hopefully it will be spring for keeps for you soon!

  3. tis the season for schizo weather

    here in nashville too...

  4. Rooie, "Dog in the dark" has a double meaning here. Sophie didn't see the cat in the store window at all, though I tried to point it out. She kept looking down the sidewalk for it.

    Meresy, I think I'm used to it, but I am kind of tired of it by now.

    cef, I remember that crazy Nashville weather. Though mostly I just remember hot and humid.

    At least we probably won't need to shovel, Manisha. Looks like it's all melty on the pavement again.

  5. wow. that's such awesome weather...80F and then snow?!

  6. Yep! Supposedly we were hotter than Miami yesterday. Today it started snowing at about noon. We're supposed to get 3-5 inches in town, and 5-10 inches in the foothills. We'll be back up to 70 degrees on Saturday.

    Variety, it's spicy.