Saturday, April 12, 2008


Here's what those weeping trees looked like covered with snow, two days ago.
I didn't have to shovel after all, as the pavement was warm enough that it all melted quickly. It took another day for it to disappear from the lawns.
But not all of it is gone! If you compact snow enough, it will last a few days longer as incongruous yard art.

Today was nice enough for a good walk with Sophie, but I don't think it hit 50 as it was supposed to. A good stiff breeze (note that laundry on the line) made me glad for a hat and gloves.

We walked two miles, down to a coffee place and back. I needed to get more coffee to make cold drip. Now Sophie's out cold in her chair and I'm contemplating dinner.


  1. Mid of April and you still have snow.... Send some over!!!

  2. I suspect it would be a little ... wet by the time it got to you, blue.

    This spring snow, it's really our version of April showers. Lots of good moisture for the garden.

    (There's always someone who says, "Oh no! All my plants are going to die!" But everything that's growing right now is totally adapted to this kind of climate. Those daffodils will spring right back up.)