Thursday, April 03, 2008

"Mansion" no more

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you may recall the brand-new "mansion home" for sale in my neighborhood last summer for $1.15 million.

Well, in my continuing search for that missing glove (I have to walk the dog anyway, so why not?), I passed the place again today and noticed that
1) It has a new realtor,
2) They're no longer calling it a "mansion home" and
3) They've dropped the price to $999,800.

Oh, that's much more reasonable, don't you think?


  1. I'm rushing right out to throw a bid in on it!

    You know, if the lost mitt doesn't turn up, I'd be happy to knit you another pair. Let me know...they don't take much time to make and, while spring is coming...winter is, too. (How's that for a cheery thought?)

  2. I might not really WANT it, but I find it sort of appealing. I have an eighty-year-old house so anything completely new and repair-free seems impossibly appealing.

  3. Too many digits, Lisa. You'd scare buyers away! (As if.)

    Thanks, rooie! That's very generous! I am still hoping it will turn up. Happily, the worst of the cold weather is behind us, which is how I lost it in the first place.

    DG, I do empathize with that, a little. (114 years here.) But this place has no yard to speak of, and it's in a part of the neighborhood that is still mostly modest bungalows, so it really sticks out. I'm sure it's very nice, but I like a house with some history and character.

  4. Sounds like something happening in my neighborhood. They're tearing down California ranch homes and putting up what we call McMansions. One in particular is over 8000 sq. ft. It's unbelievable. It' beautiful, honestly, but it's sad for the little homes that are sitting next to it...

  5. lol! mansion home. if a home is labeled a "mansion home," that's pretty ridiculous. maybe these 800 square foot one-bedroom apartments asking $1.5 million down the street from me are "mansion apartments!" better yet, starter mansion apartments!! i'll take it!

  6. Pinknest! You are from NYC! I'd recognize those numbers and stats anywhere!

  7. I can't even imagine what the heating bills are like.

  8. We call 'em McMansions here, too, Kelly. Though this one is not as egregious as some.

    Pinknest, I just can't fathom that much for an apartment. Not to mention the monthly HOA or co-op fees on top of it.

    Even paying that much for a house, I'd want a significant yard to go with it.

  9. Niki, I suspect the heating bills would not be outrageous if they have a high-efficiency furnace, good insulation and double-paned windows.