Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Rice cake machine

When I was at H-Mart I bought some funny puffed rice cakes because I liked the samples they were handing out. What I didn't realize is that they are made with a really funny machine.

Check out this video – the cakes just explode into existence!

The cakes are just very slightly sweet, and they dissolve into almost nothing in your mouth, since they are mostly air, though they look solid enough. They're a good snacky food when you want to munch on something without spoiling your appetite (or loading on the calories).

I wish I could get these without driving across town, since I'm always wanting to snack at work. If paper were edible, I'd have the cleanest desk in town. How well do you think this stuff would hold ink?


  1. That's crazy! I love it!


  2. aaa! i want that machine!! but to make pancakes and waffles explode into existence.

  3. Amazing! I wonder if they're like our 'rice cakes' which resemble polystyrene! {in looks} :O)

  4. I wish I'd seen it in action at the store. Maybe next time.

    The rice cakes look like large pancakes. They're pretty thin, not like the thicker disks of stuck-together rice puffs that you usually think of as rice cakes.

    Gina, they are very styrofoam-like, and sort of melt away in your mouth when you eat them.