Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Flicker set

The flickers have been busy drumming on metal roof vents to broadcast their presence and excavating holes in trees to make nests. They also continue to excavate Sophie's cast-off bones in my yard.
There are still molecules of protein in there, and maybe some ants, too, with our warming weather.
Tomorrow we're supposed to get 5-6 inches of snow in town. I always say we get our last big storm around April 10, and this one's coming in right on schedule.

But it'll be 60 again by Saturday.


  1. your flickers look much more accustomed to people than ours. OUr flickers are very skittish.

  2. It's typical, Jessy, but it won't last long. Warm days are coming!

    Meresy, I guess these are "city flickers" (looks like typo, doesn't it?). You can't get really close, but they're fine this far away if you're not moving fast.