Saturday, January 31, 2009

Call me crazy

So it looks like I will be getting some more bees. Maybe.
Yes, I am certifiable.
"Whoa whoa whoa!" you say? "Back up!" you implore? "What bees are these?" you ask?
Well, this big branch came down in one of our recent windstorms. The bits that didn't contain bees were carved up and carted away, but the bee section was left semi-intact. I talked to the guy who lives there. He said a neighbor told him she wanted it, but she never came and got it. He's dealt with beekeepers before, as his tree swarms regularly.
So there are bees in there, but it's not clear if they're from the original bee cluster or robbers from nearby hives.

I'm bringing the log home tonight. I'm wondering if I can find someone to help. It looks heavy.

If there's a cluster in there, I will rehive them in the spring. If not, I have lots of good comb for swarm-bait.


  1. Things come in threes: First, I'be been reading your posts about bees. Then, I finally am reading 'The Secre Life of Bees.' Today, in Egypt, a representative of the Egyptian Tourism Authority said that his father is a beekeeper.

  2. DB, you can keep bees! Your rooftop is a perfect spot.

    Claire, funny how that happens. I have yet to read that book, but I keep meaning to. Have fun in Egypt!

  3. Are you going to become the crazy bee lady? It's sort of like the crazy cat lady, but with buzz and sting.