Monday, January 12, 2009


This is not what I was expecting to wake up to.


  1. Nice! Maybe I can print a full scale print of this photo and tape it to my window and gasp in "surprise" one morning. Ok, maybe we'll just have to leave FL for a bit to experience this. What a great day for couch time with some soup, a book and a poodle :)

  2. It was quite hilarious as I drove my daughter to school today. S Boulder Rd was at a complete standstill and we were looking at about 5 inches of snow when the pre-recorded weather forecast on the radio comes on to say: "not much snow in the Denver metro area, about 2 inches in the foothills by late afternoon." Right.

  3. Snow surprises are ones we can do without, no? It's nice to know if you have to arise a little early to shovel and clean off the car.

  4. The howling wind woke me up a couple times. I cursed after peeking out the window at 7am.

    I love snow, but not commuting in it.

  5. Jenny, couch time with poodle and soup sounds a lot nicer than shoveling!

    Duck, not too bad, actually. Especially once I got moving.

    Manisha, I think everyone was taken by surprise! I certainly didn't expect it all to show up before I woke up.

    Mimi, I didn't even look at the forecast, except the little one on my Mac, that showed there might be some snowshowers.

    Betts, yeah, it's the shoveling part that sucks. And I didn't park in the garage, either. Whoops.

    James, the wind has been so weird lately, hasn't it? I'm glad that I don't have much of a commute at all. It was pretty slippery out today.