Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Still fluffy

Sophie has decided to forgive me for the grooming torture. Though her face itches.
It was about 12 degrees out yesterday when we went for a walk, but the abundant sunshine made it all right. Once you've gone through a South Dakota winter with a puppy, anything above zero is a piece of cake.

That's Sophie at about 10 months with a snow-covered snoot in Aberdeen, S.D. You can tell she still had puppy fur then. She needed it!

So 13 years later we come full circle to shaggy.
While we were out walking, we passed that empty lot whose scraping-off I documented.
Well, well. It's for sale again. Looks like the builders who bought and scraped have given up on it. The neighbors had told me the lot was not big enough for a duplex, but the sign shows two addresses, so I'm guessing it is indeed zoned R2. No idea what they're asking for it. It went for $340K last time.


  1. As soon as I saw photos of Sophie, I remembered I dreamed about her. I was taking a photo of her. How weird. She was the cutest little puppy, and she's a beauty today.

  2. Yes, beauty indeed! Love the shot of her strutting her stuff down the sidewalk :)