Sunday, January 18, 2009

Kid stuff at the Stock Show

I like to check out Children's Ranchland up on the second floor at the Stock Show because that's where all the smaller critters are, many of whom you get to pet.
Look at the teeth on that little guy! Did you know that cows don't have upper teeth in the front? Instead there's a "dental plate" with gaps on either side. Cows use their tongues to select grasses to eat, then cut the grass using their lower incisors and the dental plate. They have molars in the back for chewing.

There were some 4-H volunteers with a 5-week-old piglet.
All that petting seemed to make the animals really sleepy. There was a sleepy chicken there last year, too.
And the same sleepy angora bunny, named Velcro.
It's a great educational opportunity, so naturally there are many school groups, along with parents and their kids.
There are even pony rides! Seemed like mostly the under-6 crowd partaking. They're strapped on with pony seat belts. I wonder what the ponies think of the ride up in the freight elevator.
I chatted with the gal running the bee display for couple of minutes.
In her display hive the queen bee is marked with a yellow dot. There's not a huge difference between the queen and the workers. The queen has a longer abdomen, is all. You can also sometimes spot the queen on a frame by looking for a "rosette" of bees, which is her court. She'll be the one in the center.
Next to the bees was T-Bone, the talking steer. Check him out!
One last opportunity for your spawn, if you're so inclined, is not to be found in Children's Ranchland.
Blam! Blam blam blam! Nice shot, Tammy!


  1. I miss this kind of stuff - I used to show sheep in the local, county and state fairs in New Mexico...

  2. I was wondering how they got the animals on the second floor, but you covered it. If I was a cow or pony, you wouldn't be getting me in a freight elevator without a fight.

  3. cool pics! I've never seen a bunny with hair that long! I don't think we have stock shows around here, but we do have 4-H at the county fairs. Believe it or not, more popular than the rides sometimes!

  4. DB, surely New York has country fairs somewhere within reach of the city. Though likely in more pleasant months.

    Betts, most of them are smaller critters in crates and cages. And I imagine the ponies have seen it all.

    JGH, the animals are way more interesting! There are stock shows on the East Coast, too. That champion Hereford is from a farm that has participated in several.