Monday, January 26, 2009

Silly kitchen gadget No. 36

I'll let the marketing copy do the talking here:

The Paderno World-Cuisine upright carrot peeler "is designed for carrots with a unique positioning of the six opposing blades. With one smooth downward movement the carrot is peeled. The blades are on springs to accommodate varying diameters. Stand and peeler sold separately."


Is it just me, or does it look like this would work on lizards, too?


  1. It might be the thirty-sixth kitchen gadget you've covered, but I think that this one goes down in the record books as "silly kitchen gadget numero uno." Yeesh.

  2. the inspiration for this seems to have come right out of the inquisition play book....

  3. I will definitely remember that next time I need a peeled lizard...

  4. Ewwww! I'll skip the lizard.

    I wonder why they sell the peeler and stand separately. I can't figure out how one would be good without the other. Actually, neither one is GOOD.

  5. The next time I have 3,000 carrots to peel, I will remember this.

    Uh, that would be the FIRST time I had 3,000 carrots to peel.

  6. You know those sealed bags of small carrots you buy in grocery stores? Each carrot is uniformly peeled, rounded at each end, and nearly the same size as all the others in the bag. There must be acres of mega peeling machines, possibly like this one, carving up all those carrots. I sure would like to have the leftovers for my compost piles.

  7. (sarcasm on)
    this is perfect, I cannot wait to get one, and put it on my counter for all to see.
    (sarcasm off)

    Wow, all this for $84! ;-)

  8. That is the most amazing silly gadget ever. I challenge you to find one sillier.

  9. Beatrice, I actually thought it was a hoax at first!

    DB, worse than the iron maiden ...

    Lisa, chameleon stew?

    Betts, isn't that ludicrous? One person who ordered it from Amazon (for much less money) was rather ticked off when the stand didn't come with it.

    Kathi, I'm betting this wouldn't be any easier or faster than an army of friends with OXO peelers.

    Pam, sure it's an automated process! I would hope they're composting. Good point, though. I wonder if you could get some of that.

    KGG, your friends would swoon with envy!

    Vicki, I challenge anyone to find one sillier! This one was actually sent in by a loyal reader.