Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Nervous sheep

You'll note that the sheared ones are staying well back. You'd be leery of people, too, if this had just happened to you:
Shaved nekkid in front of a crowd!


  1. Kind of a weird time of year to shear a sheep. They do it in the spring in this neck of the woods.

  2. I had a friend on a sheep station in New Zealand and visited in shearing season. The sheep were shorn in 45 seconds flat, each. The lucky ones didn't get 'nicked'.

    Half the gallery is looking pretty darned amazed in your photo!

    Rick in VT

  3. Those faces! What is it about those faces that makes them so lovable?

  4. I have seen them done in Australia in a couple visits there. Interesting time for shearing. I hope the poor sheep doesn't get cold... needs its winter coat!

  5. Mimi, I felt sorry for them, too.

    Betts, this was for demonstration purposes. The Stock Show highlights all different aspects of husbandry, and they do it at this time of year because it's the least busy for ranchers.

    Rick, this guy was pretty fast, too! Though I don't think he was hurrying.

    Natashya, they do look huggable. The ones that are for show are super-soft.

    Pam, I think they just look placid. Whatever will be, will be.

    Blue, I'm guessing the sheared ones will get coats to wear, or stay in the barn.

  6. They are super cute, but it is kind of sad :-(
    I think it's great that you're going to the stock show. I have never been. I should check it out someday.

  7. This reminds me of the only time I visited Colorado and went to the wool festival in Estes Park.

  8. How neat. They just had the PA state farm show here. We got to see the sheep after lost their "coats". That evening they were going to have the sheep to shawl. My daughter asked why they were all wearing coats! They were shaking though, so they still must have been cold!