Monday, January 19, 2009

Silly kitchen gadget No. 35

You all know I like monkey bread. As do my cow-orkers and friends. So very easy to make if you do the cheater's version.

Do you need a fancy pan? Not at all! It works best in a bundt pan or a tube pan, but you can make it in a regular baking dish, too.

So you can imagine my amusement at finding there is a specialized monkey-bread pan out there. In fact, there are at least two. The first one I saw was the one above. It produces monkey bread that looks like a pile of poo.

Now, I know that's not really the pan's fault, but don't you think they could have tried to make the photo shoot a little more appetizing?

The pan on the left is made by Nordicware, the people who invented the bundt pan. Undersandably, once you have a bundt pan, you don't really need to buy more, so they have to come up with other must-haves for the kitchen. This pan could be used for cakes, too, so it's a little more multi-purpose than the skinny tower-of-poo pan.

In any case, I have enough baking pans to handle my monkey-bread needs. No need to spend another $20-$25 when a bundt pan produces this:
Can you think of any other redundant baking-pan inventions?


  1. Heheheh! I'm the queen of (semi-) useless bundt pans!

    ...For starters....

  2. I have an insane pan collection, with lots of Nordic Ware.. I just can't help myself.
    I love the cow-orkers and the tower of poo, you are too funny!
    I really need to try monkey bread..

  3. I think they should hire you to take product photographs. Your shot is much more attractive than either of theirs. And I'm sure I'll never buy a pile o'poo pan.

  4. yummmm.... I want monkey bread.
    It's a good thing someone was having a personal conversation while standing in front of the monkey bread at your party. Otherwise it may not have lasted as long.

  5. Wow, Janet! That's quite the collection. But you know, I think that's OK, if you collect them. They would make a kind of fun kitchen-wall display, too.

    Natashya, you really should try it. You can be masochistic and make it from scratch, even.

    Thanks, Betts! No need to buy it. You can make lovely monkey bread without it.

    Beeb, I think I got just one piece of it myself.

    To all, my apologies for the bad link to the recipe. I've fixed it. (Always check your work!)

  6. Oh, it's hard to have too many pans. Even if some of them are silly. I have a (NordicWare, of course) pan that makes individual pineapple upside down cakes. Just because it's cute. And hey, I live in the land of NordicWare. Must be a good citizen.

  7. Miss T, I'm all for cute! Hard to resist cute.

  8. But... the pan has monkeys on it. Of course you need it.