Monday, January 26, 2009


No, it's not very easy to take good photos of a black dog in the snow, especially if you're in a hurry. Sophie was very happy to be released from the jaws of hell, and I would've loved to let her romp some more, but I needed to get to work. Oddly, the north side of town got like 6 inches of snow, while I got maybe 2. No need to haul out the snowblower yet.
I'll try to do a better portrait photo of the haircut tomorrow.


  1. Fluffy is good, happy is even better! Sophie looks great!

  2. The process may be hell, but it appears that she likes the results of her beauty treatment.

    Now that you have a snowblower, you'll never get more than 2" of snow again.

  3. None of our dogs likes baths, but they all seem to feel terrific when they are all clean.

    Soph looks great!

  4. "Fluffy" is what the L and D nurses on my unit call obese patients.

  5. Thanks, all! She's managing to stay somewhat spry, too, happily.

    Betts, if that's the case, it was $40 well-spent!

    Molly, must be based on that Boynton cartoon of the large cat: "I am not plump. I am fluffy." (Here's a photo. )