Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Down and up

More high winds last night led me to expect more trees down, but I only saw this one, which must have fallen when the other one did. It looks like it put a pretty good dent in the roof!

These persistent high winds have been crazy and scary. Up north of Boulder, they've sparked some wildfires and forced evacuations.

In town, it hasn't been too bad. Windy, yes, but warmish, too.

Speaking of fires and walking, I spotted something new today while out with Sophie.

What first caugh my eye here was the line of tiki torches suspended from a couple of poles in someone's back yard. I looked at them for a few seconds, trying to puzzle out their purpose. I thought maybe they were part of some Burning Man-type assemblage.

Then all the disparate parts of the structure assembled themselves in my head and I knew what I was looking at.
Yes, it's a homemade trapeze! The structure is anchored by lines bolted to surrounding trees and buildings, and it has a big trampoline under it.

How's that for ambition? I wonder whether the motivation was simply fun, or whether the builder belongs to the circus (or hopes to). Those tiki torches are a nice touch.


  1. Ooh, cool trapeze? Is that in City Park? I'd love to go back and catch them in action!! How cool!

  2. Wow. You find the niftiest stuff. Sort of makes me want to revise my goals for the new year. "Learn to trapeze" would be so much cooler.

  3. You live in the strangest neighbor. It seems like there's something unusual around every corner.

  4. Fruitlady, I would love to see it in action, too. I am almost tempted to ring their bell and ask them more about it.

    Manisha, I do hope they can get the flames under control.

    Laura, add it! Who knows, maybe you'll have an opportunity sometime ...

    Betts, there's weird stuff everywhere, if you keep your eyes open! Sign me, Crazy Lady With Bee Tree.

  5. Very, very unusual. It leaves me sort of speechless. You really owe it to your readers to get some shots of it in action.

  6. Definitely warrants further investigation! Kitt, I think you're onto something with the Burning Man guess. If not, well, you should be, or they should be. Or something.

    Eccentricity is part of the joy of urban neighborhoods. Or anywhere without a homeowners' association.

  7. Having taken History of the Circus in college, I was speculating about the types of acts that could be performed . . . so far, nothing.

    I think the dad is encouraging the kids to run away with the circus to avoid rising tuition costs.

  8. Pam, I'll keep my eyes open!

    Unspelt, I do enjoy some of the creativity I see.

    Seth, what an awesome course to take! I'll bet it was fun. The prof sounds like a real character. You could be right about the trapeze constructor.

    Tanya, with or without a stiff drink first?