Monday, January 26, 2009

Poodle torture

This is what Sophie would much prefer to be doing right now. Having a nice snooze, preferably undisturbed by a camera in her face.

Instead, we were up at an ungodly hour to navigate this:
Why does it always snow on grooming days? At home hardly enough has fallen to be worth shoveling, much less snowblowing, but on the freeway it was a blizzard in places. Not so bad going (still early), but nearly a parking lot on the way back. I guess it's good to have a reminder once in a while of what most people have to deal with in regular working hours.

This is not a day I'd want to be driving my fancy sports car, either.
As always, Sophie was reluctant to exit the vehicle, knowing what torture awaited her. I could take her to a groomer closer to home but Peggy only works on a couple of dogs a day, out of her home. I'd rather Sophie not be exposed to too many other stressed-out dogs, or be crated, if I can help it.

Photos later of a prettified, if pissed-off, poodle!


  1. "Mommy, why do you do this to me? Aren't a beautiful already? That lady has scary looking tools!"

    I wonder why she hasn't figured out that nothing bad has happened to her on all prior trips to the groomer, so this one should be uneventful as well.

  2. Ha! What a great photo of one p-o-ed poodle!
    We do home haircuts on the shih tzu, he is less than thrilled.

  3. Betts, alas, she hates being groomed, so it's always a bad trip for her.

    Natashya, I've done the grooming myself, and decided it's much better to pay some else to do it quickly. I do touch-up in between, and that's hard enough.

  4. Love that first pic! Good luck with the weather, I hear it's supposed to get nasty. Be careful!

  5. Thanks, Denise! But the bad weather is all to the east. We had a little snow and a day of cold, but it's back up to the 50s and sunny for the next week.

  6. How long does grooming take? Would she be more comfortable if you stayed with her during it? Or would it make her more nervous? Betsy loves to be groomed, but I think it's because it is (sadly) one of the few time she gets to be around other dogs.

    I love to see Sophie frolicking in the snow!

  7. JGH, it takes four hours or more, and she would probably be even more fidgety if I were there. She's not terrified or anything, just not happy. She always suspects treachery.

    When I groom her, it takes me several days, in short sessions. We both get worn out.