Friday, January 09, 2009

Long overdue

I'm not sure how I managed to go this long without a haircut, except that when Anne cuts it, it looks great for a long time. And then there's another month or so where I think to myself, "My hair looks like hell. I need to get it cut." And then the holidays arrive or some other busy-making event and it gets pushed back even farther.

I can't be accused of vanity, at least. But procrastination? Hell, yes.


  1. Pretty! A friend's cutting mine this weekend too. There's always something more important to do for me too - it's probably been at least 6 months since my last cut. It's down to my dierriere!

  2. That happens to me too. I wonder why my hair looks like hell. Then I realize that it's been 2 months or more since I had it cut. Come to think of it, it look like that now.

  3. nice do! i want to cut my hair too, but i'm afraid to since i didn't have much for so long...

  4. That's neat!
    With longer hair, I tend to forget when I need trimming. Or may be it's just procrastination too....

  5. Jenny, I think you can get away with it more easily if your hair's that long.

    Betts, time to start thinking about making an appointment.

    Thanks, Jen! I think your pixie cut is awfully cute.

    Blue, if you can get away with waiting, I'd call it economical.