Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Out with the old

Yes, that snow was a surprise. Wet, heavy stuff, so I got a good workout shoveling. Right as I finished, a neighbor came out and said, "I have an extra snowblower you can borrow." And then she said, "You can just keep it in your garage if you like." And I said, "I'd be happy to buy it." So she suggested $50 and I said "Sold."

Now I have to clear more space in the garage. And I don't mind at all.


  1. Too bad you can't use the snow blower to make the space in the garage.

  2. I have never had to shovel snow, but if I did, I'll bet I would be willing to pay almost anything for that machine!

  3. I thought so too, Mimi.

    Betts, if I pushed hard enough ...

    Kathi, shoveling isn't so bad. I kind of enjoy it. But I have enough sidewalk now that what use to take me 10 minutes now takes 40, so this is handy.

  4. I don't know why, but I find a bit of irony in that you recently sold a seed spreader and now have bought a snow blower. Now -- if someone would invent a combo seed spreader/snowblower/floor waxer, you/we would be all set!