Saturday, October 01, 2011

Can you hear me now?

Whoa. It's October! Not sure how that happened.

The problem with getting older is not just that you lose the energy, strength and flexibility of youth but that you gain the knowledge of and worries about all the different ways your body can betray you. Headaches, coughs, memory lapses, leg pain could all be harbingers of much worse things, which I won't detail lest I jinx myself. But you know what I'm talking about.

That said, I've been pretty damn lucky, a point that reasserted itself yesterday as I filled out my health form for the audiologist. No history of anything serious, no symptoms of concern.

So why go to the audiologist at all? Mostly because of hearing loss on my mom's side of the family, particularly due to Menier's Disease, which can be genetic. When I had a regular checkup and asked about whether I should have my hearing checked, the doc said, "If you're asking about it, then yes. And if your hearing is fine, then you'll have a baseline."

So yesterday I sat in a soundproof booth with headphones on, pressing a button when I heard the beeps. Some of them were so faint, I couldn't tell if I was imagining them. Another test conducted the sound through the bones behind my ears, testing the nerves. Finally they put air pressure in ear canal and watched my eardrums to check for holes (!).

As it turns out, my hearing is just fine. And the doctor said, "If you get Menier's, you'll know it; you'll be dizzy and miserable. But there's nothing that says you will, even with your family history."

So that's some good news to hear.


  1. Doc thinks I have Meniere's and yes, you'll know. :P Glad you do not have it.

  2. Man, you're darned right about stuff that can go wrong... I am healthy in almost every way (a little overweight, but working on that) but I've struggled with back pain that is usually mild, sometimes worse and never gone for a number of years now... totally didn't expect to be a person with something like that... Glad your hearing is fine! (I don't know why, but men seem far more often affected by hearing loss... though I know nothing about your family condition)

  3. ears gets holes inside? didn't know that was possible. the things you learn reading blogs.

    have a lovely day.

  4. Hey! Good to drop by again! Sorry it's been so long. Somehow the year passes and you forget to check in on NaBlo friends-- and neighbors. Glad you don't have to worry about the hearing problem! And as for what HArt said... I think men have selective hearing in the first place so when you don't use it you lose it. (I kid, I kid)

  5. Daughter has Meneire's...she started out with minor hearing loss a few years ago and just this past year began to pick up the other symptoms. You don't want it to develop.

  6. That's a real bummer, Alexandra. I hope you can find some treatment that helps.

    Hart, my mom has it, as well as her brother. It sucks how our bodies can betray us!

    Lissa, yes, you can have small punctures in your ear drum and still hear, apparently.

    Danette, ha!

    Delores, I'm sorry about your daughter. It's got to be hard to deal with something like that.