Wednesday, October 05, 2011

New fashioned

It's good to have a decent bar within stumbling distance of home that stays open late. The Sergeant and I occasionally meander over on a Thursday night (my Friday) for a drink. The staff from the nearby fancy restaurants hang out there, too.

When we come in, they don't yell "Kitt!" or "Sarge!" but they know our drinks. Mine used to be an old fashioned with extra cherries. Now it's a "Wisconsin old fashioned." With extra cherries.
This was how I saw the bartender make it in the Green Bay airport: whiskey, dash of cherry juice, dash of bitters, then fill the glass with 7-Up. No futzing with sugar from packets, which muddles poorly anyway.
Yeah, it looks kind of lurid under the neon, but it's tasty.


  1. Kitt,
    I really enjoy your blog, your voice, and your life! One of my favorite posts was about the Ichneumon wasp, the hummingbirds, and your bee keeping. Next year we are going to get chickens (legal in Denver no less) and we are very excited. Keep up the great work!
    ps the cocktail looks like it could cure all ails.

  2. Thanks, Hedda! Chickens will be an adventure for you. I am sticking with bees, as they are much lower maintenance :-)