Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Dinner at Euclid Hall

On a rare Sunday night off work, I took the opportunity to head downtown with the Sergeant to try a newish restaurant, Euclid Hall. Granted, they've been open since August 2010, but parking downtown is such a bitch that the couple of previous times we tried to go, we gave up after circling a few times in search of a spot on the street. No way am I paying $15 or $20 for parking in a lot when there are plenty of awesome eateries where parking is free or cheap. On Sunday, we found a spot easily a block away.

Our first impression on walking in wasn't the greatest. A staffer was on the phone at the entrance and while she saw us, she gave no nod or wave or "just a minute" gesture. So we stood there looking around, wondering if we should seat ourselves. After a few minutes, another staffer finally came and showed us to a table and brought water. Then we sat for nearly 10 minutes waiting for one of the many servers passing through our area to notice us.

When our server finally came over and I mentioned the wait she apologized for having not noticed us. To her credit, she was very attentive after that, so I felt mollified.

We both order the BQE cocktail, essentially a rye manhattan. That was tasty. I ordered the chicken and waffles (Petaluma chicken paillard, sourdough waffles, pure maple syrup, salty walnuts, $12.50) while the Sergeant got the chicken schnitzel sandwich (double decker, double wide, dill rye, aioli, apple cabbage caraway slaw $9.50). I didn't taste the sandwich, but he said it was good.

The chicken and waffles were a good combination, stacked (like Jenga! said our server) and both sweet and salty. I'd heard that chicken and waffles are a "thing," so it was nice to find out why.

The atmosphere was hipster bar, with a steady stream of alternative rock playing and an extensive beer list. The menu is heavy on sausage, poutine and schnitzel.

I'm glad we checked it out, and maybe sometime we'll go back. If you're downtown already or dining on a week night when parking is less of a hassle, you might enjoy going there, too.

Euclid Hall
1317 14th Street (between Market and Larimer)
Denver, Colorado 80202

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  1. EUCLID HALL... PETALUMA CHICKEN... If I didn't know better I would think you were here in the Bay Area.

    The foods photos made my mouth water.
    If I ever find myself in Denver I will check this place out. With Petaluma chicken I should feel right at home.