Monday, October 10, 2011

On the go

Nothing to make you feel lazy like cheering on marathon runners at Mile 22. The athletes ran the gamut (so to speak): Young, old, some chugging along at a good clip, others walking. In this group, a blind, diabetic runner surround by guides, tethered to the gal in front of him.

The Denver Rock 'n' Roll marathon wended its way through our neighborhood Sunday morning, cheered on by small groups and individuals who set up chairs in front of their houses, ringing bells, clapping and shouting. An assortment of bands also played at different locations, including Smash Mouth at the finish.

I walked the poodles along part of the route. Jackson would have loved to give someone a tow. Lucy was happy just to spectate. As was I.


  1. I have such admiration for people with the ambition and determination to take on something like this (sighted or otherwise).

  2. See - blind, diabetic and still running a marathon? My new hero (what was I whining on about yesterday?!)
    Glad you had fun