Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Last garden bouquet of the year

We spent the morning rushing around getting the last of the harvest in, putting away garden tools and winterizing the swamp cooler. I gathered a few of our many late bloomers for a posy to take to work.

It was 80 degrees yesterday. Tonight it is snowing, with 8 inches or more on the way.


  1. 80 one day and snow the next...totally insane.... is this normal weather behaviour for your area?

  2. Always sad to see the flower go! I'm glad it doesn't snow here ;)

  3. Is that a peony? Can you possibly have peonies at this time of year, however warm?

    We've just had several inches of slushy snow, truly rare at this season in New York (last recorded October snow was in 1952, I've heard). And just last week we sat out at a sidewalk cafe.