Sunday, October 09, 2011

Late harvest

Saturday stayed cold and rainy most of the day, and early reports called for a freeze at night. I decided to bite the bullet and harvest the rest of the green tomatoes, the cucumbers, the peppers.

I got thoroughly soaked despite wearing rainpants and a raincoat, but I was well bundled up underneath, so it wasn't too bad. Every time I thought I'd gotten the last of the tomatoes, I'd look again and find one or two more.

I made fried green tomatoes for dinner and made two big jars of green tomato pickles. I still have a ton to process. There's basil outside and I need to make pesto, but my get-up-and-go has gone for the day.

I'm going to bed with crossed fingers.


  1. Wow - what a haul! I love green tomato chutney, it's a massive taste of childhood for me when our tomatoes went insane and mum and dad were harvesting them almost every day...
    Nice to meet you

  2. Wonderful pictures. I have done the same thing here in Georgia. The crops have to get in.

    And I agree with you about grits being plural, but here in the South, someone always wants to argue the point.

    Enjoy those tomatoes and other stuff.

  3. Dad used to say, "my get up and go has got up and went". There are a few green tomato recipies on my blog under "recipes" (labels at the very bottom) if you need fresh inspiration.

  4. Whoa! You really got a whole bunch! They will keep you busy over the next few days, I would think...... Have fun, Kitt!

  5. Beautiful picture of green tomatoes! Destined to be my wallpaper for a few months. Since I got nothing BUT green tomatoes this year I'm inspired by all your pickling recipes and may try to 'brew up' a batch. I probably have only enough for two small jars.