Friday, October 28, 2011

We has beans

The Sergeant introduced me to scarlet runner beans, which he used to grow to screen his back deck in California. We planted a few here and they took off. I harvested a big grocery bag full.
The beans are quite gorgeous, in a marbled purple hue. I'd never seen such a lovely bean before!

In the U.K. scarlet runner beans are grown primarily for eating, while in the U.S. they are often considered more ornamental than edible.

The Sergeant made some tasty chile with beans he had dried, so I can vouch for their edibility. As for their ornamentality, you be the judge:


  1. Not a big fan of the bean on my plate but those are absolutely gorgeous.

  2. I enjoy your blog immensely, and your interest are so similar to mine - healthy food, gardening, science/biology, a good marriage, and living in good old Denver. Also your photography is vivid and excellent.