Thursday, October 20, 2011

Poodles on parade

A few years ago, Sophie and I were out walking when a woman stopped her car and told me about her standard poodle group on The group gets together a few times a year for poodle parties and walks, the most recent of which was this last Sunday at Washington Park.
The weather was perfect: sunny and mid-60s. Close to 40 people showed up, with about 25 poodles. It was quite a sight!
We walked briskly around the park; it's about a two-mile loop. Along the way we chatted with other owners about their poodles, training and grooming, while the dogs kept their eyes peeled for squirrels.

Afterward, a bunch of pups were rewarded with a little off-leash romping in a secluded field, including some enthusiastic ball-fetching.
Go, poodles!


  1. Any poodle I have ever met has been a happy, friendly dog.

  2. I'd like to see the poodle parade cross paths with the dachshund defilade that my mother used to take her Lola to. Have the poodles got an anthem? Apparently there is some kind of doxie theme song. I don't dare look for it on YouTube.